Signature Clear Whey Isolate Signature� Clear Whey Isolate is formulated with a new, cutting edge protein- Instant ProBev. This premium form of Whey Protein Isolate, is of the highest quality & highly bioavailable. Clear Whey Isolate is light, and crisp, with no milky taste or texture. It is more similar to the taste and texture of your favorite Pre-Workout or BCAA powder. Clear Whey Isolate has 20g protein per scoop with only 90 calories, and 1 carb. This formula works great for those looking to keep the calories and carbs lower while still having a high protein diet. The fast-absorption makes it great for immediately after training to kickstart your recovery.* -Supports Muscle Recovery and Growth* -Supports Lean Muscle Growth* -Fast-Absorbing 100% Whey Isolate to Fuel Muscles* -Ideal for Post-Workout or Between Meals The delicious flavors are also great to mix with your pre-workout or BCAA for added performance benefits.