Controlled Labs Orange HydraPush Hydration Matrix

From lounging at the beach, to supporting your gym session, to even powering you through an Ironman, Orange HydraPush™ has you covered, packed with coconut water and taurine for enhanced hydration and electrolyte support to keep you moving. HydraPush™ is a stimulant-free formulation designed to hydrate faster and more efficiently than water, all without the unwanted crash or jitters of your typical energy drinks! Mix up a glass of Orange HydraPush™ anytime you want a guilt-free, tasty boost to your daily hydration that also fuels your body with what it needs to finish out on top. Whether you are looking to replenish what your body needs from hard training, or simply want to improve the taste of your water, Orange HydraPush™ is always the right choice!*